VVI's Online Summer Academy is a musical enrichment program for high school singers (rising 9th graders through recent graduates). Through personalized private lessons and twelve hours of tailored workshops, students will be nurtured and mentored on their path to becoming more versatile, expressive, and confident singer/performers.




JULY 20-28, 2020


Full package (includes 6 lessons): $450

Workshop audit: $150

^The audit grants access to all the workshops offered. No audition is required. If you would like to audit the Academy workshops, please contact us directly via email as soon as possible.



Rolling admission open through July 19th.

6 private voice lessons

Personalized instruction from top-tier instructors experienced in optimizing vocal freedom and flexibility


Delve into text and expression, maximizing your connection to the music you sing and the audience you seek to share it with


  • "Making Musical Meaning"

  • "Acing the Audition"

  • ""Your Voice: How Does it Work?

Guest speakers

Engage with stars of opera and broadway: Matthew Anchel and Analisa Leaming


Monday, July 20th, 10 am. - 12 pm. (EST) : "Your Voice: How Does it Work?"

Wednesday, July 22nd, 10 am. - 12 pm. (EST) : "Making Musical Meaning"

Friday, July 24th, 10 am. - 12 pm. (EST) : "The Singing Actor"

Sunday, July 26th, 2 pm. - 4 pm. (EST) : Broadway Artist Analisa Leaming

Monday, July 27th, 2 pm. - 4 pm. (EST) : Opera Artist Matthew Anchel

Tuesday, July 28th, 1 pm. - 3 pm. (EST) : "Ace the Audition"